Formula Windsurfing in Greece has been active since 2000, however there has not been any official body to represent this class. So far, the majority of Formula riders have been training down on their local beach alone or randomly grouping together during the weekends for some light wind blasting.

Occasionally from time to time, independent initiative was taken from various Sailing Clubs around Greece, to set up fun formula races without equipment limitations in order to satisfy the efforts of those individual groups. This option attracted an increasing number of participants, something not really expected for Greek standards (too much coffee and souvlaki around…), but perhaps the light and wide wind range performance of formula racing meant that the possibility of no wind disappointment was going away and gradually people were willing to invest their time and money into it.

Soon, this brought up the desire to approach this class in a more systematic and organized manner, and hence the first ideas for establishing a team came up. It was obvious that a driving force for the creation of an association was strengthening anyway, officially and legally backed up by the sailing authorities, since it would provide the answer on several needs. Furthermore, it was also time to prepare the grounds for enhancing the links with the already popular Formula competitions that other European countries (and not only) had put in place for many years. Greece has plenty of sea and sun for not following a similar path too!

The 17th day of July in 2008 has been the long expected turning point into this effort, with the establishment of Greek – Formula Windsurfing Association. We hope that this website can serve effectively the scope of Formula Windsurfing and add up a delicious flavor to the desire of National and International visitors. Hope to see you on the water soon! 😉